You can have your own horse….without the shoveling!

Have you ever wanted your own horse but don’t have the space? Has one of Walk On’s horses made an impact in your life or someone you love’s life? Do you want to support the work Walk On does in the community?


You can choose your horse and the level of sponsorship in order to customize your own personal adoption experience.

Bronze Level: $25

What you get: A personalized certificate with the adoptor’s name and the adopted horse’s name and picture.

Example of certificate:

Silver Level: $50

What you get: A (very cute) plush version of your adopted horse + certificate.


Gold Level: $100

What you get: A personal photo shoot with your adopted horse + the above


Platinum Level: $500 “Adopt-The-Herd”

What you get: Plushes and certificates for the entire herd + photo shoot + a private tour of our facility given by your Walk On employee of choice



You can do it all online and we will ship it to you, if you choose, or you can pick it up in the Walk On office.

You can fill out a paper form and send it in with a check or your credit card info (if you are uncomfortable providing this information online).


Send to: Walk On

             PO Box 376

             Barrington, IL 60011



If you’re not sure yet, here are some descriptions of our horses available for adoption:


You just can’t help looking at me, right? Yeah, I’m Rocky. I’m a 25-year-old, 14-hand chestnut Haflinger, and not only does everybody love me—I love everybody right back! I especially love my seniors and pulling the carriage with the wind blowing through my silken blond mane. Kinda like Fabio but with better muscles. In fact, if I had two legs instead of four, I’d be a rock star. But wait… I already am!


You want Mr. Personality? Well, here I am—Armani! I’m a 16-year-old, 11.2-hand Shetland Cross pony, and I may be the smallest guy in the herd but I’ve got a really big heart. I’m highly intelligent, great with kids, friendly, outgoing and super inquisitive. If I were a human? I’d definitely be an entrepreneur!


Who doesn’t love a great taco? Look no further, ‘cuz I’m Taco, a 14-year-old 13.2-hand buckskin Grade Horse. I’m the youngest guy at Walk On but it took me no time at all to get the hang of my job… and I love my job. I enjoy cantering, I’m always up for a game—and .boy, do I love my carrots and apples! Steady, reliable, tireless and good-natured—in my human life, I’m the guy you can always count on: a fireman!


Tall, handsome, the perfect gentleman? That’s me, Lucky—
a 20-year-old, 15.2-hand Paint. Yes, I’m the tallest of the herd, but I’m super gentle, sensitive and kind—and I have the most velvety neck hair you’ll ever touch. My favorite time of day is when I take my mid-afternoon nap in the sun. And as a human, a careful, caring guy like me would be a poet.


Look at that forelock… those big brown eyes… who can resist me? I’m Wilbur, a 16-year-old, 14.3-hand Haflinger. Put me under a saddle or in front of a carriage and I absolutely shine. And despite being known for my muscle as a “wheel horse,” you’ll never meet a kinder, more affectionate guy than me. Strong, calm, patient… as a human, I’m the fella all the girls call “Mr. Right.”


As the only girl at Walk On, I’m definitely special! I’m Patina, a 14.2-hand German Sport Pony and I’m the Queen of Walk On. I like to think I’m in charge of the herd, even though others may disagree. I love working with our more advanced riders, and I respond beautifully to everything I’m asked to do. I like it when I’m challenged and I’ll let you know it! As a human, an intelligent, strong horse like me would be a CEO!