Rider Support Fund

Rider Support Fund

We believe that money should never stop someone who wants to ride at Walk On.  Since the beginning of this program in May 2013 we have enabled five participants to ride by providing them with financial assistance.

Equine Assisted activities provide benefits that enhance the quality of life.

Benefits derive from the interaction with the horse. The gentle rhythmical gait of the horse moves the rider’s body in a manner similar to the human walk.

The value of therapeutic horseback riding includes:

PHYSICAL: balance, coordination, mobility, muscle tone, motor control, sensory integration and visual/spatial orientation
COGNITION: attention, communication, judgment, following directions, problem solving and sequencing.
SOCIAL: cooperation, empathy, responsibility, respect and trust.
EMOTIONAL: confidence, motivation, goal setting and self-esteem.
BEHAVIORAL: relaxation and self-discipline

Please consider donating to our scholarship program so that no participant misses one magical moment on horseback.

1 lesson = $100
10 lessons = $1,000

Walk On’s riding program averages 10 lessons per session.

Contributions at any level make a difference.


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