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Jeff Hofer Oct2014Walk On’s mission is dedicated to providing equine assisted activities to people with physical, cognitive, social and emotional disabilities.

Equine assisted activities provide motivational, educational and recreational benefits that enhance the quality of life through interaction with the horse. The goal of Walk On is to partner with the horses to inspire the participants to reach their highest potential.

While riding a horse, students are given the opportunity to feel freedom and power through movement. As the horse walks, the movement is transferred to the rider, providing a combination of sensory, motor, and neurological stimulation. This translates to stronger muscles, better balance and coordination, and improved gait. Just as important as the physical benefits, greater self-confidence and self-esteem can be achieved through the freedom of movement

Why is Therapeutic Riding effective?

PHYSICAL: Balance, coordination, mobility, muscle tone, motor control, sensory integration and visual/spatial orientation.
COGNITION: Attention, communication, judgment, following directions, problem solving and sequencing.
SOCIAL: Cooperation, empathy, responsibility, respect and trust.
EMOTIONAL: Confidence, motivation, goal setting and self-esteem.
BEHAVIORAL: Relaxation and self-discipline.

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