Getting to Know Walk On

The name behind Walk On Farm was named after the command, "Walk On". This term is used by the participant to have the horse move forward in a therapeutic riding lesson.

- Marion L. May

Our story

It all started in 2006.

Walk On began as a dream. In 2006, that dream started to become a reality. There were six women, all of whom had a passion for equine assisted services, whose dedication brought Walk On to life. The first participants began riding at Walk On in 2007, and since then we have had hundreds of different people come through our doors to experience the magic that horses provide. Over the years, our wonderful neighbors in Barrington and the surrounding communities have supported our program with both volunteers and financial support. Because of this community support, Walk On has grown and flourished over the years.

The mission

Walk On’s mission is to promote well-being and inspire individuals to reach their highest potential by harnessing the healing power of horses.

Equine Assisted activities provide motivational, educational, and recreational benefits that enhance the quality of life through interaction with the horse. The goal of Walk On is to partner with the horse to inspire the participants to reach their highest potential.

Meet the team

Our Horses











Our Staff




Program Director & President

Mary Rachel

Executive Director


Office Assistant

Christine Bania

Barn Assistant

Ramon Huerta

Barn Assistant

Malinda Patterson


Board Members

Mary Illing, President/Program Director
Debbie Krukowski, Secretary
Jan Nestrud
Maureen Prettyman
Nancy Schmid
Allison R. Greene, Chair
Nancy Bellis
Julie Bicknase
Sarah Kovach
Bill Kratovhil
Carolyn Springer
Pat Yun


Answers to some of your questions

Yes, Walk On utilizes several important safety practices:

• Each horse is screened to ensure the appropriateness of both the quality of movement and a good working temperament.

• Walk On enforces a number of policies including limiting horse work hours and limiting the amount of weight they carry.

• Instructors are PATH Int’l (Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship International) certified and adhere to the guidelines set by PATH.

• When working with the horse, all participants wear safety helmets.

• All participants are evaluated by a licensed Occupational Therapist prior to starting lessons, and the lesson plans are written specifically for each participant. Every rider has different protocol, which could be anywhere from completely independent riding to riding with a horse leader multiple side walkers.

• Walk On is a PATH member center and follows their policies, including the mandatory use of ASTM-SEI approved helmets when on or near horses.

• Walk On encourages all participants to purchase their own helmets, for obvious health and safety purposes. Consult with the instructor regarding appropriate and approved safety helmets available.

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