Be You: Teen Empowerment Program with a Twist!

April 16, 2024
banner with text that reads be you: teen empowerment program with a twist!. Includes two photos, one of a young blonde girl smiling and holding the lead rope of a pony named Little. The other photo is of a teen boy in the process of giving Little a hug.

Navigating being a teenager in today’s world is no joke! This unique program helps teens develop RESILIENCE, find their INNER LEADER, build CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM while helping them THRIVE rather than just survive their teenage years. And the twist: our teachers are HORSES!

Walk On is hosting an Equine Assisted Learning teen empowerment program on June 3, 5 & 7 for teens 14-18 years old.

In this workshop, we partner with our horses to build fundamental life skills. Through work both in the classroom and in our arena, we will discover a myriad of ways that horses can help us understand both ourselves and the people around us!

*All horse activities will be from the ground.*

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